Singapore Duathlon 2015

The Singapore International Duathlon took place on Saturday 28th November. Jay Lilley (Shell), Chloe Robinson (Yr 7) and Alice Nicholson (Yr 6) took part in their respective age groups on the day. Jay had to run 1.5K, followed by 12K on the bike and a further 1.5K run to finish. The race distance is the same for both the 12-13 and 14-15 age groups and they both competed at the same time. After the first leg Jay was in 2nd position across both age groups, completing the run in just 5 minutes 27 seconds. After a good transition Jay knew that the bike leg was always going to be a challenge, having only taken up road riding in the last 2 months. His average speed of nearly 30 km/h on the bike was commendable and meant that he stayed in 2nd position in the 12-13 category, however the more experienced boys in the 14-15 category gained time and this saw him drop to 9th overall. With another smooth transition Jay was determined to make up ground and finish strongly. His final run was completed in just over 6 minutes, which saw him make up a number of places to finish 2nd in the 12-13 age category and 3rd in the 14-15 age category.

Chloe and Alice both had a successful day, competing in the 10-11 age category. The distances they covered were a 750m run, followed by a 6K bike and another 750m run. Chloe finished in 11th place overall, having very pleasing run positions of 7th and 8th, either side of her bike leg, where she came in 11th. Alice finished in 15th position overall with her run positions both ranking 13th and her bike leg ranking 14th. The nuances of multi-sports events mean that whilst each individual leg is important, the time spent transitioning between the disciplines often determines the final position. All of the pupils gained valuable experience during this event and will doubtless be keen to practise this before next year’s Meta series.

All three of the Marlborough athletes did very well in what were very challenging conditions, with the temperatures reaching well over 30 degrees by the time they had finished. Congratulations and good luck with your training before the Meta Series which starts in February 2016.

Mr Ogilvie
Head of Humanities

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