MC Squared Hospital Visit

On 5th December, the MC Squared team alongside Miss Helena and Mr Monk paid a visit to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital as part of charity service.

If we had to summarise what the trip was about, here are the words I would use: toys, songs, and fun. These are our elements of entertainment, as we gave all our hearts into it for their day. It was especially enlightening and blessing when we gave numerous soft toys to the children at the hospital.

The trip for us was an experience to behold. It is the first time we have ever done something like this, going to try cheer children up. It was very uplifting to see how our small contribution changed their day slightly from the monotonous boredom to something with a bit more cheer. It is amazing to see how such a little thing, a small thought, can make a difference in someone else’s life.

We personally thought that this trip was one of the best things we’ve done because we’ve never done anything like this before. I hope that we can continue to do this and other things as part of MC Squared group.

Hakim Faizal
Munawir Hill, Lower Sixth

See a video clip here

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