For the Love of Knowledge

Five of our Sixth Form pupils have successfully completed the online course Introduction to Philosophy run by the The University of Edinburgh through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider, Coursera.

With universities now offering versions of their courses online, a group of pupils were able to meet each week after school, guided by two of their teachers (beaks), to learn about seven topics that were covered in the course, from ethics to time travel.

With the advent of this technology, our pupils are able to extend themselves even further beyond the curriculum of the classroom. With the enthusiasm of their teachers guiding them along the way, these courses provide a unique and engaging way to hone their skills and acquire new knowledge, while also gaining certificates that provide evidence for being part of these global communities of online learners.

We look forward to seeing what new areas of knowledge will grab their interests next.

Mr Hearl
Teacher of English and Religious Studies

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