Sunday Speaker Jason Fox

It was a privilege to have Mr Jason Fox, commercial airline pilot for Singapore Airlines, deliver an engaging Sunday Talk on his life as a pilot. He stressed the importance of regular training, Mathematics for making quick calculations, English for clear communication, and an excellent study ethic to help pass the difficult examinations to qualify. Mr Fox took his first flying lesson at the age of 17 before getting his first commercial job for Royal Brunei Airlines. Promoted to captain at 31, he was the youngest Boeing 767 captain in the world. After spending some time training new pilots, he moved to Singapore to fly for Singapore Airlines. He fielded many questions from the pupils and told some fascinating stories of averting several dangerous situations. He was able to allay some fears about turbulence, mobile phones and lightning strikes while flying, much to the relief of some. It was a superb opportunity to hear from someone so passionate about what they do and so open in sharing his story. His last trip took him around the world in 9 days, a whole new definition of jet lag!


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