Last night was the first performance of Amadeus, showcasing a fantastic cast from Marlborough College Malaysia. The play started with nine beautifully costumed girls who worked together with moments of unison, gossiping about the murder of the famous musician, Mozart. These girls were later to sit in the theatre boxes, wickedly spreading their poisonous rumours throughout the play. Alex Dunglinson dazzled the audience with his intensely evil portrayal of Salieri, which beautifully contrasted the eccentric Mozart, Divesh Subaskaran. Subaskaran had the audience in hysterics with his flamboyant body language and contagious giggle. The leading lady, Phoebe Finlay, who played Constanze, played with the audience’s emotions beautifully, making us tearful and mirthful in equal measure. A notable performance, amongst many, came from Robin Van Sallandt, with her take on Empress Josephine, a complete transformation from her natural self. We also had the great pleasure of enjoying the beautiful voice of Georgie Lisle, who played Katherina Cavelleri. Many thanks to all those who helped create Amadeus: Thomas Edwards and Max Van Es (technical crew); Trudie Walters (costume and material); Lucy Prime, Roslan Bin Japar and Mohd Nurhalmy Din Zainal (set); Charlotte Ross and Lauren Paillard (hair) and of course the wonderful cast who were an absolute delight to work with!

Mrs Harper
Head of Drama

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