200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

We had some special guests to assist us in learning about and commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. In the Upper Prep, Hayden Haines set the scene, giving an excellent presentation on the build-up, conduct and aftermath of the battle. Immediately afterwards, Mr Simon Bowskill MBE taught the Upper Prep the ‘brace-up’ movement from the Brigade of Guards Drill Manual and summoned Drummer A Cole from No 7 Company, The Coldstream Guards to join the presentation. Simon gave a fascinating presentation on Drummer Cole’s uniform, in particular the heritage and traditions carried forward from Waterloo to the present day. There were many question from the pupils, a particular highlight was Phoebe Parry’s confirmation that the bearskin cap was indeed “fluffy.”

Simon and Drummer Cole gave a repeat performance to the pupils in Pre-Prep. The theme of Waterloo was introduced through a thoughtful presentation by Lucas Asbury-Welfare, Ella Sanosi, Amelie Tsang and Oliver Grubb. Then pupils, by shouting very, very loudly, summoned Drummer Cole who replied with a bugle call before marching in to the Green Hall. Simon showed how the uniform was designed to ensure a ramrod posture by having buttons on the rear of the tunic to prevent guardsmen from sitting down or slouching against walls. Again, the pupils asked lots of questions and the assembly finished with a photograph with Drummer Cole.

H D L Harkins
Director of Estates

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