MCM Mock Election

As a British school in Malaysia, there has been a high level of interest in what will happen in the UK’s knife-edge election amongst both pupils and beaks. As such, it seemed a perfect opportunity to capture that interest by running our own mock UK general election here at school. Miss Gueganton, one of our graduate assistants, led the election as the chief returning officer and campaign organiser for the election.

Five of the main UK political parties were represented with teams of pupils organising the campaigns, putting up posters, persuading voters, and helping to write candidates’ speeches for assembly last week.

Representing Labour, we had Ameer Chughtai with his campaign run by the Peter Mandelson-esque, Edward Chai. The Conservatives had Freddie Smith, propped up by a very active Sam Mooney as campaign manager. The Liberal Democrats were represented by Zach Ridzuan-Allen with Richard Lai producing some of the best posters of the campaign. UKIP was somewhat ironically represented by our very own Alexander Van Vught, and his campaign was managed by Alex Reissiger. Anya Igwe stood for the Greens, and had a huge team around him including Naim Mokhtar and Zarif Sinha.

A number of pupils very helpfully acted as ‘returning officers’, and assisted with polling duties and the running of the assembly debate. The debate also saw fair but firm moderation from both Iman Faruki and Joe Kenny Tipton – both in the Hundred – who managed the candidates and the questions very well.

After a very tense vote count, overseen by Miss G, Miss Debbie (Honan House Dame) and myself, the results were as follows:

Turnout: 81.4% (275 Votes)

Labour – 27.3% (75 Votes)
Green Party – 22.2% (61 Votes)
Liberal Democrats – 21.8% (60 Votes)
Conservatives – 14.5% (40 Votes)
UKIP – 13.5% (37 Votes)
Spoilt Papers – 0.7% (2 Votes)

Whether Ed Miliband can repeat this feat in the real UK election remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: that the MCM Senior School is as pretty undecided as the UK electorate at large.

Congratulations to Ameer Chughtai and his team, and a big thank you to Miss Gueganton for her immense effort in organising this event. Mock US Presidential Election 2016 – watch this space…

Mr Hardee
University Guidance

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