IB-Themed House Challenge

One of the key IB Learner profile characteristics is ‘Knowledgeable’ and this was certainly on show in Wednesday’s House Quiz Challenge final.

As another new event for the Marlborough College Malaysia calendar, the Senior School didn’t really know what to expect. Teams of four faced three gruelling sessions of questions on Maths, Science, The Arts, Humanities, Languages and English (to reflect the 6 groups of IB subjects). At the end of the rounds, the two highest scoring teams – Wills and Wallace – were to battle it out live in a University Challenge style competition in assembly.

After a good start by Wallace, with some early English questions being answered by Laura Connolly, Wills caught up with some impressive answers in the Economics and Maths section. Edward Chai and Richard Lai were particularly on form, taking Wills into a small lead at the halfway mark. The second half was fairly even, but Zach Ridzuan-Allen’s knowledge of the Vatican City’s Latin speaking ATM machines stunned the crowd and helped pull Wills into a comfortable lead. Eventually, when the gong sounded, Wills won the day with the final score at 270-210.

Frank Hardee
IB Economics, University Guidance

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