Charity Art Auction 2015

The Art Auction, now in its third year, has quickly established itself as one of the most enjoyable occasions of the school year. The collaborative effort that goes into the production of the wonderful paintings is, in itself, a remarkable achievement and a hugely enjoyable experience for all involved. It also reflects the outstanding organisation and commitment of the beaks in the Art School, namely Mrs Prime, Ms Marcovici and Mr Scott, We are indebted to them for their unstinting efforts, countless hours of their free time, patience and good humour.

The educational experience of the teamwork involved in producing the artwork is valuable to all but is secondary to the reason behind the evening. The College, as you will all know, holds a firm belief that we should always endeavour to help others, particularly those less fortunate than ourselves. As a result, the proceeds of the auction will be distributed amongst a number of charities, most of which are based in Johor; The Handicapped Home, Care Haven and The Palliative Care Centre Johor. My thanks to the Outreach team, the CAS advisors and all those who have helped to form strong links with these organisations and provided opportunities for our pupils to be involved in meaningful service to the community. Following the earthquake in Nepal, we are also supporting rescue and rehabilitation work in that area through UNICEF.

With the College string quartet entertaining the assembled bidders at the reception prior to the sale of 40 wonderful works of art, the mood was set for a splendid evening of entertainment. When the gavel hit the table for the final time, nearly RM60,000 had been raised for the chosen charities, a figure which, we hope, will increase further with donations.

Marlborough is a privileged community and, as such, it is incumbent upon all associated with it to support those who are less fortunate. The Art Auction achieves this aim and those who attended enjoyed an excellent evening.

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