Greenland Scholarship Programme

Through their corporate social responsibility programme, Greenland Danga Bay Sdn Bhd has contributed RM500,000 towards a scholarship programme for the College.

In a ceremony held at the end of last term, Wu Shao Hua, General Manager of Greenland, signed a memorandum of understanding with HY Lau, an OM (C2, 1970-75) and a member of the MCM Council, between the two parties.

The Master of the College commented; “We are thrilled that Greenland Danga Bay Sdn Bhd has joined the many friends and partners of Marlborough College Malaysia. Their commitment to provide a number of scholarships at the College is a reflection of their support for the all-round holistic education that Marlborough provides and their keenness to be associated with such a school. We look forward to making the first awards in the very near future and hope that the Marlborough/Greenland association will continue for many years to come. We are most grateful to them and are delighted that the partnership is another example of the ever-strengthening links within the Iskandar community.”

Scholarships and bursaries have always played a part in education and many of the UK’s finest schools were established to provide a high quality education for a particular group of pupils who might not otherwise have been able to afford a first class education. Marlborough, Wiltshire is a case in point. The school was established to provide education for the sons of Anglican clergy who paid only one third of the fees that the sons of layman were required to pay.

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