Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated to acknowledge just how special the irrational number Pi is. In the US, 14th March is written 3.14. This year is especially important since the date is written 3.14.15, an occurrence that happens once a century.

The challenge was laid down in Wednesday’s assembly at the end of a presentation entitled, “Maths is Awesome”, dealing with ideas of numbers and infinity.

Since Pi Day was on Saturday, the competition was held during the lunch break last Friday. The competition was kicked off by Boris in the Shell, reciting a respectable 26 digits. Eilidh then managed an impressive and, dare I say catchy, 58 digits, sung to the tune of the Sound of Music’s “Doe A Deer”.

Yu Han was the first to break into the Hundred Club with a hugely impressive 115. Cha Yeong chased, desperate to beat her brother, to 128, but it was Ji Hoon who secured the special prize with a massive 157. Well done to all.

Mr Cheung
Teacher of Maths

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