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Year 7 Science Competition – Power For the World

Year 7 started their new topic in Science: Energy Resources. What better way to start this topic than with an inter-house competition!

The aims of the competition were for the pupils to gain an understanding of how renewable energy can provide power in rural communities in developing countries, and to build empathy with people in the developing world.

At the start of the session, pupils identified everyday items that use electricity and identified those that use the most power. The pupils then modelled the National Grid in the UK where every household is connected. This was then contrasted with the National Grid in Kenya where smaller villages are isolated. The pupils were then introduced to the idea of Technology Justice and the Millennium Development Goals.

The main activity was then for the pupils to design and build their own wind turbine. The pupils had to think on their feet to build their own blades out of everyday objects. Once the task was completed the wind turbines were tested. To make the results more reliable, each wind turbine was tested three times. Pupils recorded the time taken for the turbine to reel in a 50cm length of string with a 1g mass attached to it.

The overall order of the day was, in 4th place Chichester, 3rd place Hunt and in joint first place was Seymour and Merlin.

Congratulations to all the teams! I was very impressed with how well all the teams worked together. There was some fantastic problem solving skills going on and some genuine empathy was fostered.

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