Singapore Art Stage Trip

On 22nd January thirty-five pupils set off from MCM to visit ‘Art Stage Singapore: We are Asia’.

They shared a sense of excitement and a love of Art and were not to be disappointed. The pupils from Remove, Hundred and Lower Sixth are all studying Art and it is an important and enjoyable part of the IGCSE and IB courses for pupils to see and engage with artwork first hand, developing their art appreciation skills and getting inspiration for their own artwork.

Art Stage is one of the leading Asian art fairs and aims to connect the world to the best of Asian contemporary Art. 130 galleries had set up in the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. On our arrival at Marina Bay Sands Ms Marcovici set a short photography assignment. She asked everyone to look at Marina Bay Sands through new eyes and focus their cameras on architectural details. This was excellent preparation for a day of viewing Art. Half an hour later we gathered, ready to enter Art Stage. Tickets in hand we walked through an artwork that looked like a huge, carwash with rotating brushes and were soon facing swinging chandeliers – we didn’t know what to expect next! It was incredible to be in such a huge space and see so many exciting artworks in every direction. Pupils set out to explore in small groups. Ms Marcovici, Mr Prime and I were very impressed with the focus of our pupils. We received many compliments from gallery owners about their good conduct, the quality of questions they asked and the fantastic drawings they did.

A lunch break enabled everyone to refuel and rest their eyes before returning to Art Stage. As we gathered for our second visit into the art fair many pupils exercised their creative talents and volunteered to paint a small canvas at ‘The Red Pencil’ stand. They painted beautiful artworks, which will be auctioned later by the organisation to raise money for charity. The second visit into Art Stage enabled pupils to explore the galleries they hadn’t yet reached and to share favourite works with each other. I thought I had walked around most of the fair but I am still being shown photographs of fantastic artworks that I didn’t see on my own journey around the many galleries.

It proved a stimulating, thought-provoking and inspirational day for all. I look forward to seeing the pupils’ creative and artistic responses as their projects develop. Many thanks go to Ms Marcovi, Mr Prime and our fantastic Art pupils for making our gallery trip so successful.

Mrs Prime
Head of Art

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