Nations Day 2014

The Prep School held its second Nations Day today following on from its success last year.

The day started with much excitement from pupils and beaks as the Prep School filed into the Theatre for the Flag Parade and country performances. Representatives from every year group in the Prep School paraded the flags into the theatre and the School Council introduced and welcomed everyone to Nations Day. We were then treated to six fantastic cultural performances from England, Malaysia, Japan, Combined African Nations, New Zealand and India. All the performances were excellent and the parents and children involved in making them so brilliant must be congratulated.

Next it was on to the event that everyone had been waiting for; the Nations Day Fair! Twenty-one country stalls were set up in the Green Hall where dedicated parent volunteers had decorated and loaded them up with delicious local delicacies. Years 5 and 6 descended onto the Fair first and quickly set about finding out the answers to the questions in the ‘passports’ in order to receive the coveted country stamps and to be able to sample some of the food on offer! The next visitors were the Pre-prep who went around the Fair beautifully, learning lots of new facts about the different countries. Years 3 and 4 came in just before lunch and were brilliant at visiting all the countries and finding out the answers to their passport questions. A very well-deserved lunch break was had by all before the Years 7 and 8 pupils came through the Fair in search of country facts and lots of food!

All the children had a brilliant attitude towards Nations Day and threw themselves into finding out new and interesting facts about the different countries represented at the Fair.

Thanks must go to Friends of Marlborough College Malaysia, without whom Nations Day would not have been possible and the wonderful parent volunteers who helped us to make Nations Day a truly fantastic event.

Miss Martyn Fisher
Year 4 Form Tutor

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