Beagle Hash October 2014

It was a fine exciting day at MCM as the pupils and beaks were preparing to take part in this year’s first Beagle Hash. After extensive preparation from the hares (WJS, Joe Kenny Tipton, Billy Buddell) it was time for them to lead the new Beagle Hashers through what would be a memorable experience. Following a quick ride to the location the participants anxiously departed the bus and were given a swift briefing of what was to come… and they were off!

It was a hectic start to the course as just a few moments into the run they came  across a small yet surprisingly intimidating river. All of the participants fortunately crossed. However not all were as graceful as we had hoped. The steep slippery bank caused them to stumble desperately, grasping the nearest branch for support, fearing a plummet into what seemed to be a bottomless gorge!

After successfully crossing the river, the participants continued the Beagle Hash, passing through a series of huge puddles of water, and deep thorny bushes that had a tendency to latch onto on-comers. As the finish came close, the pace began to pick up and all contributors finished strongly and with a sense of pride.

After a frantic yet crisp finish we all took time to gratefully thank those who helped organise such a fascinating event. Following that, we all devoured the appetising chicken curry and apple crumble supplied by Mr Raj and his team.

We would all like to thank those who participated in this Beagle Hash, and show our appreciation to the hares (WJS, Joe Kenny Tipton, Billy Buddell) for setting up such an extraordinary trail.

Omar Mourad 
WI, Hu

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