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Theory of Knowledge Weekend to Desaru 2014

Over the course of 13th and 14th September we were immersed in the world of Theory of Knowledge (ToK) by our wise ToK beaks: CEMR, RAC, DJG and LWGW. We were shown a new way of thinking about virtually anything, from deeply philosophical ideas to the mundane statements made and heard during the course of our daily lives.

To do this, we had to learn the basics of ToK, which included terminology, ideas we are expected to know and use accurately throughout the course as well as different ways of looking at the world. Examples of these terms would be ‘areas of knowledge’, ‘ways of knowing’ and ‘knowledge questions’. Additionally, these were the three main things we focused on learning and applying throughout the two days.

We were also introduced to how we are going to be assessed: a presentation and essay. To begin with, we all had to prepare in groups of three, a 3 minute presentation on one of the eight ways of knowing: reason, emotion, imagination, intuition, faith, sense perception, language and memory. There were some challenging moments too: have you ever had to map the internet? And DJG’s patented perception test put all our ‘Ways of Knowing’ to task. Embarrassingly, a lot of us were fooled by his brainteasers and optical illusions.

For the penultimate lesson we had in Desuru, we were asked to brainstorm ideas to answer a particular ToK essay question. We formed groups of 6 to choose 2 ‘AoKs’ and 2 ‘WoKs’ to form arguments that could be used in the essay. This gave us a short introduction to what we were going to have to do in about a year’s time when we have to start writing our ToK essays.

Other than the lessons and work that we were assigned, fun was not to be left out. On Saturday night, we all gathered by the beach and a group of the guys decided to entertain us with their karaoke. Everyone was enjoying themselves by dancing and just having fun together. Not only did we get a deeper understanding of ToK, we also bonded as a year group. Thank you to all the beaks who gave up their time to take us; we enjoyed the experience enormously.

Eilidh Lui and Kirby Hickling, L6 HH


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