Shell Trip Kota Tinggi

On a breezy Saturday morning, the Shell boarders went to the Mawai Family Camp in Kota Tinggi. We were warmly welcomed by the staff when we arrived at the camp after a tiring two hour bus ride. We were given no time to get settled as we were immediately taken to play ice breaking games like ‘scrabble go’ and a huge game of ‘rock paper scissors’ which involved dragons and Miss Brown, the mighty dragon slayer. The aim of all the activities was getting to know each other better; as the majority of us are new to Marlborough College Malaysia.

After that, we went to lunch. However, before we could get any food, we had to do the “makan” (eat) cheer. We were told that the best cheer would get to have their food first. Thereafter, we got an hour of free time to sort out our tents and chat to each other.

What followed was intense! We did a tree top course where we had to go through obstacles along the tree line. After we finished the tree top course, we had two hours of free time when some of us played basketball, whilst others just sat and chatted.

We went on a firefly cruise where we got to see fireflies along the river. The view was breathtaking as the fireflies crowded the trees, making them look like Christmas trees. Before we went to sleep, we wrote our wishes on a lantern, (which included winning the House Shout!), lit and released it into the night sky. We watched it soar over our heads while having a nice cup of hot milo.

The night was a brand new experience for most of us, as we had never camped before. Although it was not as comfortable as our beds in the boarding house, we managed to get some sleep, but the clucking of a turkey kept most of us up.

The turkey struck again at 4am… 2-0 to the turkey.

We went waterfall-trekking the following day. There were a few worried faces as we were briefed about the hornet drill. Luckily we didn’t have to use it. We walked through some plantations and a few rivers. We were relieved that we didn’t have to do any climbing. In the middle of the trek, we went swimming in a small waterfall. We were exhausted when we got back.

As soon as we get to the camp, we played a game called Indiana Jones where you have two groups of people trying to cross a pond using platforms on the pond. Some of us found it hilarious watching the others falling into the pond.

Time passed in a blink of an eye and before we knew it, we were leaving the camp with great memories. A big shout out to the staff in the camp; Mr Hawkins, Mr McNaught, Mr Statham and Miss Brown for all they did during the trip. We would also like to thank the turkey for making our night a more memorable one. As for the highlight of the trip, it had to be the KFC and Pizza Hut on Saturday night!

Jay Chew and Zach Ridzuan-Allen – Wills House Shell

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