Lower Sixth Baristas

The Lower Sixth gents of Munawir Hill were the first to learn all about coffee on the inaugural MCM barista course, held at Monsta café last weekend. Revealing his passion for the stuff, owner Uncle Feng had the boys tasting and appreciating the finer points of espresso coffee without so much as a pause. The lesson in coffee tasting had the boys distinguishing and comparing acidity, structure, and aroma between different coffee blends and coffee-making styles. Uncle Feng made sure that this complex art was made easy with his insightful commentary and delicious examples.

After getting to know all about what makes a good coffee the boys took over the machine. Everyone had a go at being behind the counter and the Beaks were all too happy to taste the results. With the addition of milk there were a fine range of coffees created from the boys’ new expertise and being able to add as much chocolate syrup and cocoa powder as they liked — in the name of excellence, of course — proved a big hit for some!

The boys learnt that specialty coffee making is a very delicate art. It was great to learn more about what happens behind each drink and to be able to experiment with and replicate that same process. A big thank you to the truly passionate staff at Monsta café for teaching us all about what can be done with that delicious bean.

Mr Hearl
Graduate Assistant

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