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2013-14 IGCSE results

The College is delighted to announce excellent examination successes in the recently released IGCSE results. From our initial Remove cohort in August 2012, plus a number of pupils who joined in the Hundred, we were thrilled with the level of attainment from a non-selective entry. Two pupils achieved 9A* grades and two others 8A*s, with 60% of the year group achieving 5A*/A grades or more. 32% of all grades were awarded A* and 61% A*-A.

Congratulations to all the pupils, who have been rewarded for their hard work and have undoubtedly maximised their potential, and to the beaks for their meticulous and painstaking preparation towards these examinations. Pupils, parents and beaks have justifiable reason to be delighted with the outcome.

R B Pick

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