Year 6 Kota Tinggi Trip

Pupils in Year 6 escaped from school for a week to Kota Tinggi for what proved to be an action-packed and fun-filled adventure. Having four nights in a hot tent was challenge enough for some, let alone the kayaking, waterfall-trekking and tree-top wire walking. We also appreciated life in a Malaysian ‘kampung’ and helped villagers with their gardens and ate in the local way…those with big hands did well that lunchtime! We enjoyed making kites and baskets and learned about kampong rhythms. Everyone was superbly behaved and threw themselves into each and every activity. The final evening was a wonderfully special review of their week with entertainment and marshmallows on the campfire, topped off by launching lanterns into the night’s sky.

Miss Cox, Miss Perrio, Mr Scott, Mr Bryan and Miss Runacres

‘The trip really helped me to make new friends and to see people in a better way, which I hadn’t imagined before.’ Lilly, 6DS

‘I’ve shared a special week with my friends’ Charlotte, 6PC

‘The trip was wonderful and enjoyable.’ Hong Lee, 6DS

‘I liked the trip because I got to interact with the whole year and the activities were really fun’ Annalisa, 6CP

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