Nations Day

On Friday 13th June, the Prep School’s School Council, with the help of Friends of Marlborough College Malaysia, hosted the College’s first ever Nations Day. The aim of Nations Day is to celebrate all of the 31 different nations that we have represented in the Prep School, and all the nations all over the world.

The Prep School children all arrived at school wearing either the National Dress from their country or the colours of their country’s flag and then made their way into the Green Hall for the Flag Parade. The Flag Parade was made up of 42 flags, which recognised all of the countries represented in the Prep School and those countries that were to be represented at the Nations Day Fair later on in the day. The flag bearers were the members of the School Council and specially chosen representatives from each Form and Year Group. This was a daunting, and exciting, challenge for the flag bearers who all did brilliantly and the Flag Parade looked fantastic.

Once the excitement of the Flag Parade had died down, the next event was the talk of the school – the Nations Day Fair. By lunchtime excitement levels had hit an all-time high and the children were desperately trying to steal a peak at the incredible country stalls being assembled. Finally, at 2pm, the first group of children visited the Fair. The Pre-Prep classes were the first to come into the Fair, which consisted of 28 country stalls that the children were able to visit. Each stall was patriotically decorated with flags, balloons, information posters and, most importantly to some, local delicacies! Each child was given a Nations Day Passport, which contained a question for each country that the children had to find the answer to. Once the question was answered correctly, the children received a country stamp in their passport. The children fully immersed themselves in finding out all the facts about the different countries and sampling lots of the local foods from each stall. All the children had a fantastic time at the Fair, but I’m not sure who enjoyed it more; the children or the parents running the stalls!

As the Fair wound down, there were some disappointed faces from the children who thought the fun was over, however, it wasn’t over yet! The whole Prep School then made their way back into the hall and we were treated to 9 fantastic performances from different countries.

The children all had a fantastic time during Nations Day and learnt a lot about all of the different nations in our school and around the world. Thanks must go to the School Council whose initiative it was to have a Nations Day and to FoMCM and all the parent volunteers for all of their help with the Nations Day Fair and performances.

Miss Martyn Fisher

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