Marlborough Miles 2014

The Marlborough Miles 2014 got off to a thunderous start. Many awoke to ominous, dark clouds and heavy rain which, although delaying the departure, did not dampen the enthusiasm of our ‘early starters’. A video message from the Master of Marlborough College UK, Mr Jonathan Leigh, gave us the final encouragement we needed as we started out on the first laps. We had completed just under 2000 laps before 8am; a wonderful start towards reaching the target of 6,853 Marlborough Miles; the distance from MCM to MCUK.

A fresh enthusiasm for the challenge arrived with the day pupils and their families as we embarked on part two of the event. Numbers were in our favour when the MCM roads filled with willing participants and our target quickly came within reach. By 10:15am, safely in to Europe, we had hit the 6000 mark. With energy levels dipping, aching bodies, and the sun taking its toll, it took a final push from the Senior pupils to successfully ‘arrive’ in MCUK by 11am.

Thank you to all those who took part in contributing towards a wonderful community event. We thank you for your continued support towards MCM Charity events.

Charity and Outreach Committee

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