Tioman Diving Trip

On 29th March pupils and beaks from MCM started their adventure on the Tioman dive trip. This trip was an opportunity for students to become qualified open water divers. Many applied, and sixteen of us made it on the trip, which was organised by Miss Pyper, Miss Martyn-Fisher and Mr Statham. At 3am, sixteen sleepy pupils met at school to begin our journey to Tioman – a two-hour bus ride to the ferry terminal and then another two hours on the ferry itself to Tioman Island, where a very exciting time awaited.

The PADI Open Water Diver course was time-consuming, scary and an exhilarating experience, all at once! The course was separated into two parts: practical underwater diving skills and theory. All of us spent a lot of our time underwater, bedecked in our scuba gear, learning the small but necessary skills we needed to know in order to dive. This included basic things like clearing waterlogged masks, removal of cramps, tired diver tows, taking off and putting on our scuba gear both at the surface and underwater, asking for and using the alternate air source from a buddy and many others. As for the theory, we had to learn how pressure affects the air spaces in the body, parts of the scuba gear, what to do in currents, calculating the pressure groups we would be in when we surface from a dive from a certain depth and a certain period of time and all sorts of other things.

Despite the time taken to learn all of the necessary things it was all worth it after we took the end-of-course test. We were all finally qualified open water divers! After completing the PADI Open Water course, we all went on two open water leisure dives. At the two dive sites, we saw many wonders of the underwater world. We saw beautiful coral reefs, lots of fish of various species, sharks and big hawksbill turtles. It was a sight to behold and one we will forever cherish in our memories.

Overall, the Tioman dive trip was a complete success. We got what we had come for, and much more. We are all now qualified open water divers, and we have experienced spectacles that one would not get to experience everyday. It was an amazing trip that was enjoyable for all.

Emika Goble and Aishah Wilson

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