50 Ringgit Challenge

The RM 50 Charity Challenge is a fundraising race. In groups, pupils select a charity (Malaysia based) and then work together to raise as much money as possible over the term for their charity. They are given an initial sum of RM 50 which they have to use to generate more money. They tried lots of approaches, but what worked best was homemade treats like ice cream sodas and cookies which were sold at break times and the end of school. Events like Valentine’s Day proved a great opportunity to sell as well. Pupils had to be caring, entrepreneurial, industrious, reflective and highly collaborative. All the qualities we hope to encourage at MCM.

Pupils were recognised with awards for the following: overall winning group (who raised the most funds); best group dynamic and individual talent.

Collectively, these pupils raised RM 11,361. The winning group raised an impressive RM 3,619 from their initial RM 50 investment.


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