South East Asia Marlburian Club Dinner

This year, the South East Asia Marlburian Club dinner was hosted at Traders Hotel in Johor, Malaysia. The setting was beautiful with drinks taken before and after the event overlooking Puteri Harbour with the lights of Singapore in the distance. Traders put on a delicious meal which was much enjoyed by everyone.

We had an exceptional turn out with over 85 people coming from not only Asia, but also the UK; we were honoured to host the Master of Marlborough College UK, Mr Jonathan Leigh and his wife, Emma, as well as Lady Cayley and Mr Julian Hodgson who were visiting with the UK Remove Exchange group. The support from members of Council was invaluable, particularly Dr CJ Lim and Mr HY Lau in their roles as Malaysia and Singapore Club Secretaries, respectively. Thanks also to HY Lau for his generous donation of after-dinner whisky.

The event was a great gathering of Old Marlburians and the reminiscing of schools days was highly entertaining.

The Master, Mr Robert Pick, gave an excellent speech in which he thanked Dr Alison Sharp for her hard work over the last two years in her role of Director of Admissions and Deputy Head and wished her well for her return to the UK, finishing with a toast to the health of Marlborough College UK. Mr Jonathan Leigh gave an articulate and kind response, asking the assembled group to rise and drink the health of Marlborough College Malaysia.

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