MCM and TRC Touch Rugby Day

On Saturday 18th January, MCM played host to Tanglin Rugby Club for the first girls’ touch rugby event at the College. Over seventy touch enthusiasts from U10 to U14 age groups descended onto the playing fields to share their passion for the game, make some new friends, and also, learn a few new tricks in the process.

The day began with a series of short coaching clinics, which were led by experienced coaches from both MCM and TRC. Throughout the morning, girls from both teams mixed together to focus on specific elements of touch play, including: dummying and drawing a defender in attack, sliding and maintaining line integrity in defence, quick ball handling and an all-important crash course in touch rules.

The atmosphere amongst the players was superb and the attitude and support from both sides was exemplary. The TRC girls shared their knowledge generously with MCM players, who are newcomers to the sport by comparison.

Following the clinics, the friendly matches began and parents and coaches witnessed some outstanding play at all levels. There were some fantastic tries and it was clear that many of the coaching points were being put into action, even under the pressures of a game situation!

I would like to thank all of the MCM and TRC coaches who dedicated their time to sharing expertise with our first generation of touch players. In addition, I would like to extend my appreciation to all those involved with TRC for bringing their players to the College in high spirits. It truly was exciting to see such a buzz around the sport on campus and it is clear that this event has played a vital role in paving the way forward for girls’ touch rugby at MCM.

In fact, TRC have already been in ‘touch’ to start organising the next one!

Miss Niven
PE Department

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