Senior School Division Swimming Gala

The last Tuesday of term saw the Senior School take to the water in the first annual ‘Marlborough College Malaysia Senior School Division Swimming Gala’. With over one hundred and seventy pupils battling it out in twenty-four individual events and four, four-man relays against their opposing Divisions, the competition was fierce. This was matched by the huge support shown by the remainder of the Senior School who cheered avidly for their respective Divisions from the poolside.

Although all swimmers showed admirable and impressive displays, the overall gala was won by ‘Blue’ Division who pulled away from the other three Divisions during the final four-man relay events. However, coming into the final relays, all was to play for elsewhere, with second, third and fourth places being separated by only a few points. After a dramatic turn of events in the last two relays the ‘Green’ team managed to sneak into second place, with the ‘Reds’ leapfrogging the ‘Yellows’ to take third place.

The winner’s cup was presented to the two swimming captains of ‘Blue’ Division, by Staciana Stitts Winfield, the former American Olympian, who won Gold in the 2000 Sydney Olympic 400m medley relay event.

Mr Bryan
Sports Department

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