Performance Storyteller: Cassandra Wye

Years 3-6 had the opportunity to have an interactive session with a performance storyteller, Cassandra Wye, on Monday 9th December. Having travelled all the way from the UK, she worked with each year group, acting out a different story. The stories originated from all over the world and worked particularly well in our international setting. Each year group had the opportunity to join in and interact with the story; using their whole bodies to act out the different scenes.

Here is an account from one of the Year 4 children:

On Monday the 9th December, a storyteller came to visit. She told us a story. It was about a boy in Japan, a long time ago. It was called ‘The Dragon who cried crystals’. We all sat down in our classes in the hall, each class sat down in a row of two. The storyteller introduced herself, her name was Cassandra. She had silver round glasses, brown curly hair, red silky clothes and she was bare footed. She had a wonderful smile. She asked us lots of interesting questions while telling us the story. She told it with lots and lots of expression and lots of body language. She was very kind to everyone. She also let the teachers give their ideas. She was going to tell us two of her stories but she did not have enough time. When she finished, we were all very sad that she had to go.

Amelia Bunce 4HM

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