Advent Beagle Hash

After a week of planning, it was time for the hares (Tim Wu-Murphy, Omar Mourad, Ary Hashim, Bryan Loo, Mr Nicholson, Mr Harkins and Mr Walters) to lead a group of students and beaks on an adventure in a jungle opposite Southampton University. The day before the Hash, the hares made a few adjustments and laid a trail using white tags and shredded paper.

The following afternoon, on 6th December 2013 at 4.30pm, a total of 109 students and beaks from Munawir Hill, Taylor, Iskandar and Honan Houses gathered in front of court and we took a bus to the nearby forest. When the bus arrived, the hashers were shocked as this was not the plantation that they were used to. We stopped at the end of a road and everyone got off the bus. We gathered in a circle around the hares and Mr Nicholson and the briefing began.

It was a muddy start as the poor hashers waded through a slippery pool of mud. After the devastating mud pool, the hashers had to go through obstacles such as thorny bushes, more mud, pools of water and an entire stretch of jungle. At the end of the Hash, there was a river followed by a kilometer walk along a stretch of road. Ameer Chugtai had the pleasure of falling in the river back first while carrying Sam Shaw. Much hilarity followed.

After Ameer’s amble towards the finish, everyone gathered around Mr Walters to thank Mr Harkins and Mr Nicholson for taking time to help hold such an unforgettable event. After all the thanking, congratulating and laughs, we tucked in to chicken curry and chocolate cake, provided by Mr Raj and his team.

We would like to thank Mr Harkins and Mr Nicholson for helping set the trail and all the students and beaks that participated in the event.

The ‘hares’ Bryan Loo, Tim Wu-Murphy, Ary Hashim (MH Hu) and Omar Mourad (MH Re)

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