U12 Netball End of Season Report and ANZA Fixture

It has been a fantastic season for U12 Netball at Marlborough College Malaysia and each of the girls involved should be extremely proud of their achievements this year. Not only have they proved themselves to be committed, travelling across international waters for weekly fixtures in Singapore; they also made it clear from the outset that they were not prepared to make the journey without competing doggedly on the court!

The U12 A team achieved a fantastic 3rd place in Division 1 and beat TTS A (a notoriously formidable team) in style, which was certainly the highlight of the season. The U12 B team managed to retain their invictae status and finished Division 2 at the top of the leader board. They produced consistently strong team performances and demonstrated throughout the league that they were no match for their opponents.

ANZA Matches at MCM!

Before the season drew to a close, MCM hosted their first home fixture and invited the infamous ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association) netballers to the college for a friendly on 2nd Nov. One ANZA team made the journey across to play the U12s in a round robin tournament, which also included a ‘showdown’ match between our own A and B team.

The conditions were tough for all involved and the heat coming from the surface of the court made it difficult for players to keep hydrated and performing at their usual high intensity. However, spectators were treated to some excellent netball and the teams produced three very tensely fought games. Results:

ANZA 5 – 4 MCM A
ANZA 5 – 3 MCM B
MCM A 6 – 0 MCM B

Following the matches the players enjoyed plenty of well-deserved sweets and match teas with their opposition (all essential for replenishing depleted glycogen stores…!) The MCM girls then stayed to play in the pool and celebrate the season’s achievements with lots of jumping, splashing and laughing!

Final thoughts:

Both Under 12 teams have been a pleasure to coach this season and I know that I speak for both Miss Davies-Evitt, and myself, when I say that we are as disappointed as the girls that the season is over. We will continue to work hard and develop the teams throughout the year in preparation for next season…ACSIS had better be ready for us!!

Miss Niven

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