U12 A Netball v Tanglin

Last week we went to Tanglin Trust School to participate in the ACSIS U12 Netball league. Our first game was against UWC Dover. We won 6-1 which was amazing! We all played well but our shooters deserve a big ‘well done’ for such a good job. Immediately after the first match we went back on the court to play OFS. This was a very tough game! It was difficult because it was their first game and they were fresh whereas we were a little tired. In the first half we were winning 3-0 but that suddenly changed. The opposition were playing really well and we were flagging so, very close to the end of the match, the score was 4-3 to them. However, our team was determined to finish with a draw or a win. So we moved with all our energy to our attacking zone. Ella got the ball and shot. Without a single bounce it went in and as it did the whistle went, making the score level at 4-4. This time our mid field was incredible! Then, again, we had another match straight after which was a challenge. To make it worse we were playing TTS A team so we knew this was going to be hard. How we found the energy and strength, I do not know. But, we managed. In the first half the score was 2-0 which was great but we were determined not to leave it there. We were playing really well and our mid field was working incredibly hard to get the ball. TTS scored but our shooters Ella and Julia were amazing and the final score was 4-1 to us. We had won against possibly the best netball team in Singapore after two games with no breaks. The whole team tried very hard and really pulled together.

Siobhan Tainton 7AG

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