U14 Rugby Tanglin Trust School v MCM

The U14A rugby team played in their first game of the ACSIS league this week and despite a brilliant performance lost 19-12. The U14A side dominated possession and territory; they were camped on the Tanglin try line multiple times in the game but were held out by a brave Tanglin defensive effort. The team will be working in the weeks ahead on being more clinical with the ball and using their possession more effectively. Although the attack lacked a killer edge the defence was quite the opposite and was always well set and constantly in the faces of the opposition. The line speed has been a feature of our defensive sessions and Marlborough will be looking to use the pressure they have been generating with their line speed to create turnovers in future sessions. On the whole the game demonstrated that this Marlborough side have the raw talent to be a truly devastating team but now need to put the work in to turn that talent into ability.

Jon Riley
PE Department

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