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U12 Netball Match Report

On Tuesday 10th September Marlborough set off on a rather damp afternoon to cross international waters and compete in the first ACSIS fixture of the season at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore. The U12 A and B netball teams arrived in high spirits and began their warm up in preparation for the 2 back-to-back matches each of the teams would play as part of the round robin leagues.

The U12 B team came out energetically from the first whistle and maintained this level of enthusiasm throughout both matches. The team communicated excellently and proved that this is vital to ensure cohesion on the court. The final score for the first game against OFS was 1-1 and it was clear that the team would not settle for such a tight score…they certainly wanted a clear victory. With hard work and fantastic use of space, they dominated their second opponents, CIS ANZA with a great result of 5-2.

The U12 A team faced tough competition in both games and were challenged to play with intensity for the duration of the afternoon. A display of impressive shooting in attack and dogged defending clinched a massive 6-1 victory against UWC Dover in the first game. The team showed no signs of backing down as they stepped on court to play UWC East straight afterwards. The game was tense and fiercely fought with each team vying to score in response to a goal from the opposition. The UWC team scored a late goal to level the final score at 4-4.

It looks to be a promising season for MCM U12 netball!

Asha Niven
PE Department

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