Magellan Beagle Hash

After weeks of planning, the day prior to the event arrived and the hares (Adam Wright, Alec Hewison, Tim Wu-Murphy, Rory Tan, Mr Nicholson and Mr Harkins) set out on an adventure through the plantation, to set the trail for our fellow boarders to follow. We used both red and yellow tags and shredded paper (for T and circle checks) for the following afternoon.

The following day, on 20th September at 4:30pm, we arranged for the pupils and the beaks to meet at the front gate. Before heading down to the car park the beaks carried out a head count. The groupconsisted of pupils and beaks from Munawir Hill, Honan House and the junior houses Iskandar and Taylor for the first time. We also had a number of beaks and other adults from on site who were either very brave or very foolhardy! Upon arriving at the car park we gathered everyone into a circle for a quick briefing before heading into the plantation. Mr Nicholson talked about the history of the Hash and we talked about why it was called the Magellan Beagle Hash, it being the date on which Magellan’s voyage began.

We set off for our similarly exciting expedition through the plantation. The path consisted of many different obstacles of various types, such as passing through the muddy mangroves and climbing over many trees, which made it a lot more difficult than our first hash. Nevertheless, everyone was amazed with the stamina of Luke Greenhow.

After the run was completed we called everyone into a circle to show our appreciation for the amount of effort everyone had put into the run especially Mr Nicholson and Mr Harkins for giving up their free time to hold such an enjoyable event. The enjoyment was clear on the faces of the pupils, especially Percy who had slipped and was covered from head to toe in mud. After congratulating everyone, we tucked into a curry and pudding, eaten from paper plates and bowls in the car park. It was a meal that was well-deserved.

We would like to thank all the pupils and beaks that were involved in the event.

Adam Wright MH Hundred and Alec Hewison MH Remove
Photos Gary Tan, Remove

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