Friends of MCM, Welcome Coffee Morning

Tuesday 3rd September

This morning, the Master of MCM, Bob Pick, warmly welcomed new parents and introduced the newly appointed Chairman of the “Friends of MCM”, Mrs Justine Walker and her industrious committee, to the Marlborough community. There was much excitement in the Dining Hall as members of the Senior Management Team, beaks and parents, saw for the first time the blue and gold colours of the Friends of MCM merchandise. The drink bottles, hats, golf towels, cooling fans and car sunshades will be as instantly recognisable on the sports fields as they will be in the car parks of Malaysia, Singapore and further afield. Volunteers signed up to help host the social events planned for the year ahead, which include the ever popular Quiz Nights, a Christmas Fair (Sunday 1st December), a Family Fun day and the end of year, Summer Ball. A dedicated “Friends” web page will be launched soon to coincide with the opening of the Friends office which aims to provide additional assistance to members of the college, including those seeking relocation advice and information about forthcoming events. To reach Justine, or a member of the team, please email

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