MCUK Rugby Tour

Just before the beginning of the Michaelmas term, MCM were delighted to be joined by the Marlborough College UK XV and Development XV squads. They were passing through on their way back from a successful tour of Australia where they had showed the class that had brought them considerable recognition in the UK, including being awarded Rugby World Team of the Month, an impressive accolade. They continued their form, beating SSTMI at both levels, with the games played in blistering heat and at a pace that left many spectators gasping for breath, let alone the players. The MCM X were also able to train with the players and coaches from the UK, something which contributed to their recent victories. It is the hope that shortly the two schools will play each other or, even better, play a combined team against others in the UK or overseas. Whatever the next stage is, MCM enjoyed hosting Marlborough College UK enormously and would like to thank them for their visit.

Should you want to read a little more about the Marlborough College Tour to Australia and Malaysia, their tour blog can be accessed here.

Luke Walters
Master ic Rugby

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