The Pit & Picotin Trip

As the final stages of term began for Munawir Hill, we took the opportunity to do some team building before the new influx of boarders arrives in August. To do so, the boarding house, in its entirety, headed to ‘The Pit’ at Turf City, Singapore before going to eat at ‘Picotin’. Below is Hakim Faizal’s view of the day’s events.

L W G Walters, HM Munawir Hill

On Saturday, the Munawir Hill boarders were welcomed by a sunny day for their trip to ‘The Pit’ in Singapore. Our journey began as we split into three groups captained by Mr McCraw, Mr Calverd and Mr Hill-Smith. The objective was to complete the course as fast as possible whilst relying on teamwork. I was put into a team with Mr McCraw and we discussed the priorities of each year group in each course, for Years 7, 8 and Shell, we just had to spread out ahead until we finished the course and the Remove were the back markers, doing the hard work with all their might. Of course, other teams had their own strategies in mind. Whilst many of us were focused on the task, some of us posed for Jason who was taking photos of us doing the obstacle courses. Not necessarily the concentration we needed!

Our team began by sliding down a mud bank whilst the Remove had to carry two tyres. Following a pre-determined route, we finished in 4 minutes. Next we were given four sticks and a rope and were told to assemble them and carry a person around a route. Whilst going around the course, no one was allowed to touch the cones, otherwise we would be given a time penalty.

Again, we headed back down to the ‘pit’ and this time our task involved barrels and two sets of monkey bars. The timer did not start until we had both of our hands on the barrels. As the time started ticking, we climbed on top of the monkey bars at a good pace, being very careful, while those behind us had to carry the barrels. Upon reaching a set of planks, we descended into the murky water and with every step we took, the water got deeper. We then had to walk on the planks whilst maintaining our balance like a person on a tightrope.

The journey continued with three remaining tasks until all three teams completed them. Since we were all tied, our final challenge was quite difficult: conveying as many of our team members to the other side of a stretch of ground along the ‘crocodile river’, stepping on tyres and using a single coloured tyre to transport us. The catch here was that we could not jump or walk from one tyre to another and touch the grass. If that happened everyone had to go back to the beginning! After finishing the last challenge, we relaxed by playing rugby or gulping down some well-earned water. It was then announced that Mr Hill Smith’s team ‘won’ 3rd place, our team ‘won’ 2nd and Mr Calverd’s team won 1st. They were given a prize of a mini rugby ball for being the day’s champions.

After all of us took a shower and walked to Picotin, deciding on which pizza to have as we went, (as well as soft drinks and our dessert). Upon reaching the restaurant, we were seated and watched the Lions’ match against the Wallabies. A few of our parents came to spend time with us whilst watching rugby. We feasted and munched on our pizzas, drank some Sprite and Coke, and had the best desserts anyone can ever have: the chocolate fondant was a dish from heaven! We were kindly being sponsored drinks by a few parents whilst watching the match.

We walked back to the ‘pit’ and got on the bus whilst singing all the way back to MCM, which definitely pleased all the Beaks on the bus. I would like to thank Mrs Prime, Mr McCraw, Mr Calverd, Mrs Walters and Mr Hill-Smith as well as Mr Walters for organizing the trip. This was an exciting way to round off the year; it boosted our house spirit and was one of the most exciting yet.

Hakim Faizal, MH Shell

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