Honan House Boarders and Parents Day

On Sunday the Honan House boarders’ parents came to Marlborough College Malaysia for the day so they could witness for themselves the great amount of talent the girls possess. The day kicked off with the Boarders vs Parents tennis matches which were a lot of fun! All the girls got involved with some competitive rallies, with parents and girls swapping around and all having a good knock about! Some more intense matches arose with Poppy Evans and Miss Niven taking on Natalie Shim and Eilidh Lui – a tough game but in the end, Poppy and Miss Niven gained the victory.

Refreshments were served in the Honan House Common Room where everyone could enjoy a nice cold drink before the next activity began! This was the Boarders vs Parents and Staff netball match. Here we all played a competitive match, where all parents, boarders, staff and some of the girls’ little siblings played for the massive prize of a late night for the girls! I know that this was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved – many Dads played (and slightly bent the rules!), the girls showed off their teamwork skills and Miss Rowlands also showcased her skills on court! After a close and spirited game the girls decided it was a draw, therefore attaining the reward of a later bedtime.

Lunch was served in the dining hall and everyone had a well-deserved rest after the morning of sport. This was followed by the House Concert where the girls presented various musical and dramatic performances to the parents and staff. All the girls who performed, no matter how nervous beforehand, performed with great confidence and the concert really demonstrated what talent we have within the house. A highlight for me definitely had to be the sketch ‘The Pie’ by Nur Qamarina Bt Nor’Azman, Nurul Aqilah Azahari and Puteri Nurul Azliatika binti Mohd which everyone thought was truly hilarious!

The concert ended with a slideshow of photos taken over the academic year during the girls’ many weekend excursions. I think it was nice for the girls to look back on what they have achieved, how far they have come and how much they have grown! It also gave the parents an idea of what the girls get up to at the weekends. It was a brilliant way to end the concert and an excellent way to end a tiring yet incredibly fun day. A huge ‘Thank You’ to all the girls, the staff, Miss Rowlands and especially to the parents for their enthusiasm, without which I know the day would not have been as enjoyable and entertaining as it was!

Laura Adams
Gap Assistant

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