1st MCM Beagle Hash

After weeks of careful planning and recces, the day prior to the day itself arrived, where the ‘hares’ (consisting of Mr Nicholson, Mr Harkins, Adam Wright and Tim Wu Murphy) set out on the final trip to mark out a path using a combination of red MCM Beagle Hash tags and shredded paper (also known as shreddies) in preparation for the following morning.

By 7:30 on Saturday morning, both houses, as well as the participating beaks were ready and eager to run the trail. Everyone gathered in a car park in the plantation for a briefing on the trail and what to look out for. There everyone was told what ‘T’ checks and Circle checks were, and what to do when they encountered these signals. After the briefing, boarders and beaks ecstatically dispersed in the direction of the red tags. These red tags were just a marker to tell you where to go, but everyone must have been relieved to see them as they knew they were heading in the right direction, as orientation in the plantation can get very confusing. It was a challenging run for many people not least because it was first thing in the morning. The Beagles were made to jump over crevasses (not even a metre deep) and hack their way through little shrubs. Ameer Chughtai performed outstandingly putting on a magnificent show of early morning grumpiness. When told he seemed to be walking faster, his reply was, “It’s gravity, not me.”

The walk/jog was quite tricky and several other ‘hashers’ seemed to have ‘problems’ – a joke made for those who slid down muddy hills on their backsides. After the last man (Ameer) finished we gathered in a circle, as tradition (with no drinks, jokes or singing, as Mr Walters has heard some of our jokes and singing and decided against it) and celebrated the first ever event.

All in all, it was a huge success and a great experience. Marlborough College Malaysia has had their very first and very successful Beagle Hash. We would like to thank Mr Nicholson and Mr Harkins for coming up with the idea as well as Mr Walters for taking the ‘hares’ out on recces to find a safe trail. We would also like to thank all the beaks who stood at their designated check points to make sure no-one was lost or missing and to everyone else who took part. It wouldn’t have happened without them and I know Alec Hewison and Rory Tan are looking forward to being ‘hares’ for the MCM Beagle Hash 2 in the Michaelmas Term.

Tim Wu Murphy MH, Remove

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