Photography Day at MCM

On Saturday 18th May the boarders had the opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills through photography. The focus was on composition and six rules or guidelines were introduced to help them take more compelling photographs.  After viewing and discussing professional examples using the Rule of ThirdsLeading LinesBalancing ElementsSymmetry & PatternsFraming and Different Viewpoints the boarders set off across the campus, armed with cameras and ipads to capture their own examples of each.  Excited voices filled the art room as they reviewed their images.  The results were astounding!  An afternoon visit to Danga Bay enabled the boarders to use the guidelines as they approached a challenging range of subjects from boats to fairground rides and even a friendly cat.  Everyone enjoyed the day, improved their photography skills and contributed to MCM’s first collection of pupils’ photography.  I hope you enjoy the sample of the pupils’ creative collection in the gallery.

Lucy Prime
Teacher of Art

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