Boarders’ Media Career Talk

On Sunday, Mr Mark Whitehead gave the boarders a talk on his career working for various companies in the media industry. He spoke primarily about BBC Worldwide and what it takes to create, manage and film various channels and programs. He told us about his job in the BBC and told us of personal experiences working for them. His presentation gave an insight into the media and his role as a general manager, talking about the programmes and selling them on the market to people like Starhub to broadcast the shows giving them a percentage of the income that they make on the programmes.

One of the main points that came across to all of us is that it is an incredibly hard job running a company in the media industry. One of the really exciting parts of his talk and presentation were the interesting videos he showed, such as the Natural History programmes.

He included the audience by asking questions and giving out prizes.  The one video we all particularly enjoyed was the Red Bull video where Mr Whitehead asked, “What does Red Bull advertise?”  The answer was a fizzy sports drink but yet they make all these amazing videos with extreme sports that are more than simply an advert for a drink. We thought it was a very enjoyable and enlightening view on the media industry and, on behalf of all the boarders and staff at MCM, we would like to thank him for giving up his time.

Sebastian Kelly Year 8, MH and Max Whitehead, Year 7 MH

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