Afternoon Tea at Honan House

I carry many fond memories with me from my time at Marlborough and most of those come from the time I spent in my boarding house, Mill Mead. Each boarding house develops it’s own quirks and traditions, these are things which make each house individual. Mill Mead had several events throughout the year which made it unique, like a ‘lazy tennis day’ which Honan House is having later in the term. However one little tradition which my year group always looked forward to was Sunday house tea. The whole house of 70 girls would sit in the common room, gossip, eat cake and drink tea. People would pop in for five minutes or you could find yourself sitting there for hours. I decided that this would be a lovely thing to do with our 21 girls in Honan House. The girls gathered in the courtyard of the boarding house and enjoyed some cookies, brownies and of course a traditional victoria sponge! With the Malaysian sun shining it was the perfect break from revision during a busy time for the girls; I hope this is the first of many House teas.

Ellen Arkwright
Gap Assistant 

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