The Year 7 production of “Annie” was the product of excellent talent and hard work. Every one of the forty Year 7 students took part, whether it was as a leading role, or as a member of the chorus. The Year 7s were accompanied by an outstanding student orchestra led by Miss Pyper. Both Miss Pyper and I were incredibly proud of the students involved and have enjoyed getting to know all of them better.

Louise Cowley
Teacher of Drama

Quotes from the cast

“I loved Annie! It was so much fun. My favourite part was performing and feeling so proud of myself after.”

“For me what was most enjoyable about our Annie Production was there was something for everyone. Singing, dancing, accents,backstage and of course acting. It was always fun at rehearsals and it was a great way to get to know all the people in Year 7. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in Annie.”

“I have enjoyed Annie from the start of the production to the end, I think the best bit was seeing how we look in costume and makeup for the first time! We really looked the part and with our fabulous acting it was very realistic.”

“I felt like the orphans and I grew into a group of sisters, happy to be together. We gained experience, learned from our mistakes, and had fun with the events that happened… Thank you so much Miss Cowley and Miss Pyper for letting us experience this other part of us.”

“Annie was a great show because everyone worked together and bonded because of the different parts we played; Im sure everyone will be talking about it for years!”

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