Boarders’ Go-Karting Trip

A heavy sky greeted our arrival at the Permas Go-Karting track on the outskirts of Johor Bahru. We were given a safety briefing and split into two groups. To ensure our safety we were given a coverall, a balaclava, a pair of goggles and a helmet. After the briefing the first group enjoyed two laps of warm up to familiarise themselves with the course; then the fun started! A heavy storm began causing everyone to drive a little more carefully, whilst getting absolutely soaked.  It may have slowed the group down a little bit but it did not stop anyone, cars were spinning more often and ‘drifting’ around the track. Both the groups had at least three races before moving onto the finals.

Our qualification lap separated the professionals from the amateurs. I was in the second group for testing so I watched the first group as they tried to do their best. The winner for the first group was Joe Kenny Tipton, followed by Alec Hewison and How Cheng Teng. As the second group started out Yu Xuan Wang broke the world record with 3.46s for just one lap. Although there were suspicions that this may have been a computer error as all the others were averaging at one minute thirty!

The finals went smoothly (to an extent). Alec went so fast on his way to the starting line that he crashed – a poor start! We completed eight laps in total. During the first few, Jason Yap was leading followed by Joe, but unfortunately, Jason lost his speed going down the slopes and Joe overtook at pace.  As the dust settled, Joe was awarded the fastest finalist with a time of 11 minutes 28 seconds.

Special mentions should go to Amir Shukri and Ikhlas Ali who improved their driving ten-fold and Adrian Paliga Hardinge and Colm Tan, our trial boarders who were impressive in their approach. Thanks should also go to Mr. Tennant, Mr. Harkins and Mr. Walters for running the trip.

After all the driving, we headed back to Marlborough College, tired but content, a few of us asleep and dreaming of Formula One Glory!

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Gary Tan, Munawir Hill, Shell. (Words and photos 1- 6)


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