Update on Transport and Border Crossings

Border Crossings

Following a further meeting with IRDA (Iskandar Regional Development Authority), we are pleased to report that matters are moving rapidly towards the positive conclusion we outlined in the third paragraph of our 23rd January statement.

“all parties are working towards pupils carrying a ‘pass’, not a passport, leaving Singapore on a small coach (maximum size 24) which will go through the Singapore immigration in a green channel. The coaches will stop at the Malaysian border where the passes will be examined and pupils identified, possibly by biometric analysis; pupils will not be required to leave the coach. On the return journey the inspection would take place at the Singapore border control by a similar means.”

The immigration departments of both Malaysia and Singapore will issue the appropriate

documentation following the next joint meeting on border and transportation issues.

This is excellent news for all residents living in Singapore who wish to send their children to Marlborough College Malaysia.


As a result of further talks with transport contractors, students in both Singapore and Malaysia will have the opportunity to travel to and from the school via small buses. Buses will pick up from condos/roads and routes will be planned so as to minimise the travel time. Marlborough College Malaysia will have security tracking devices installed on each bus and an adult presence in addition to the driver. We anticipate that the costs associated with transporting pupils to school will be similar to those experienced within Singapore.


Marlborough College Malaysia will facilitate the application for student visas for pupils studying at the school. Documentation will be required for this and will be requested from parents in May/June. Applications, which will be checked by the Admissions Department, will then be processed by the Ministries of Immigration and Education to provide the necessary visas in advance of the opening date of 27th August 2012.

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