Marlborough College Malaysia Appointments

Appointments of Housemasters and Housemistresses

The following have been appointed and will commence their employment with Marlborough College Malaysia for the opening of the school in August 2012.

Housemaster of the Junior Boys’ House:  Scott Hawthorn  (MC 2005-2012)

Housemaster of the Senior Boys’ House:  Luke Walters (MC 2004 – 2009) currently Head of English at Reading Blue Coat School

Housemistress of the Junior Girls’ House:  Yvonne Parmenter currently Deputy Head (Pastoral) St Francis School, Pewsey

Housemistress of the Senior Girls’ House: Leanne Rowlands (MC 2006-2010) currently Housemistress at Tudor Hall School

In addition:

Viv Hawthorn has been appointed as Head of Learning Support

Suzy Grayshon has been appointed to teach in the preparatory school and the junior part of the senior school.


October 2011

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