Term Dates

Term Dates

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Michaelmas 2017 – Summer 2018

These are the official school term dates and holidays, as ratified by Council. The school is closed for all exeats, half terms and holidays on the following dates:

Michaelmas Term 2017

Start: Tuesday 29th August 2017
3.00pm Monday 28th August 2017 New Boarders arrive
6.00pm – 8.00pm Monday 28th August 2017 Boarders arrive
Exeat: 3.30pm Friday 22nd September – 9.00pm Monday 25th September
Half Term: 3.30pm Friday 20th October – 9.00pm Wednesday 1st November
Exeat: 3.30pm Friday 24th November – 9.00pm Monday 27th November
End: 3.30pm Friday 15th December

Lent Term 2018

Start: Monday 8th January 2018
6.00pm – 8.00pm Sunday 7th January Boarders arrive
Exeat: 3.30pm Friday 26th January – 9.00pm Sunday 28th January
Half Term: 3.30pm Wednesday 14th February – 9.00pm Sunday 25th February CNY Fri 16th Feb
End: 3.30pm Wednesday 28th March Easter Sun 1st April

Summer Term 2018

Start: Monday 16th April 2018
6.00pm – 8.00pm Sunday 15th April Boarders arrive
Exeat: 3.30pm Friday 4th May – 9.00pm Sunday 6th May
Half Term: 3.30pm Friday 25th May – 9.00pm Wednesday 30th May
Exeat: 3.30pm Thursday 14th June – 9.00pm Sunday 17th June Hari Raya 15th – 16th June
End: 1.30pm Saturday 30th June (Prize Day)