While the roots of Marlborough College lie deep in England’s past, we share a vision, a sense of duty, and a desire for outstanding academic and cultural qualities that will enable pupils from Marlborough College or Marlborough College Malaysia to play an influential and beneficent role in the world of tomorrow. The spiritual heart of […]

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International Outlook

It is clear that our pupils will live and work in an increasingly global environment. As international boundaries come to mean less and less, our qualifications must and will carry a high degree of international portability, but more importantly our pupils must develop the social capability of living and interacting productively with people from all […]

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Marlborough College Malaysia prides itself on the breadth of opportunity it provides for pupils. Friendship and the appreciation of the talents of others are deepened by teamwork and by individual achievement, and are supported by skilful coaching by teachers. Sport, Art, Design, Drama, Music, Outdoor Activities – all these work to foster confidence, to broaden […]

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Generosity of Spirit

We recognise that we form a privileged community in Malaysia and that privilege entails responsibility. Our pupils are expected to be ambitious in order to develop their individual potential as fully as they can as scholars, artists, actors, musicians and athletes but also in a more collective sense as friends, neighbours and citizens. They are […]

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Marlborough College Malaysia is a joyous and colourful community where scholarship is cherished, creativity is celebrated, diversity is evidenced and conversation is paramount. For years Marlborough College in England has led the way in innovating within the educational landscape. They were the first school of their kind to admit girls in 1968 and one of […]

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Our coeducational character allows us to prepare boys and girls for lives and careers in a world in which men and women aspire, work and achieve together in mutually respectful and supportive ways. Our international school community in Malaysia is complex and kaleidoscopic: our boys and girls, men and women, form a society unafraid to […]

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Academic Rigour

Rigorous academic programmes and high quality teaching instil a love of learning for its own sake amongst pupils. Pupils of all ages are expected to develop a spirit of scholarly enthusiasm through making the most of the many cultural and academic opportunities available to them within and beyond formal lessons at Marlborough College Malaysia. The […]

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Space and Facilities

Marlborough College in England is a beautiful school. Founded in 1843, the College is situated at the western end of the market town of Marlborough in the county of Wiltshire in the south of England and occupies 200 acres of historic downland. Around the town there rises the beauty of the Marlborough Downs; rolling green […]

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The greatest strengths of our British international boarding school in Malaysia spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship that these engender. The boarding encourages a firm sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained and be sustaining in life beyond the College. We provide an […]

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