Tutor System

As part of our Pastoral Care, all pupils receive regular support and guidance in their studies and personal development from beaks (teachers), tutors and HMs. In the Preparatory School a pupil’s class teacher provides the role of form tutor, being the link between home and pupil and offering mentoring advice to the pupils in their care.

Most teachers in the Senior School at Marlborough College Malaysia are Tutors, and as such are responsible for between six and twelve Senior School pupils (known in this context as Tutees), providing them with on-going support and monitoring. Tutors act as a sounding board for opinions, as a mediator and confidant, and they interpret and reinforce the standards and values of the College. They promote friendly dialogue and act as common-sense listeners through the sometimes choppy waters of adolescence. For day pupils, tutors will be the closest link for parents between home and school.

Visiting Tutors of boarding pupils meet up with their tutees more regularly and take a friendly, informed interest in the pupils to whom they are assigned, contributing to the life of the boarding house through social and co-curricular activities, as well as through specific duties.