Pastoral Aims

Marlborough College Malaysia is a boarding and day school, committed to the notion that living and working together in a coeducational community brings value to the lives of its pupils.

Our Pastoral Aims are intended to align with our Academic Aims, and draw on the principles of compassion, companionship and conversation which are at the heart of our educational philosophy. Put simply, they aim to enable pupils to lead a fulfilled and happy life in school, and beyond.

From the moment of their first contact with Marlborough College Malaysia, prospective pupils and their parents should meet with respect and kindness. The Admissions process, whilst selective, should affirm the prospective pupil's individual sense of self-worth.

This will be done via:

  • Challenges which are testing but age-appropriately accessible;
  • Conversation with adults who are well-informed and positive about our British international school in Malaysia;
  • Meeting adults who conspicuously have the best interests of the prospective pupil at heart and who convey an aspirational view of their future;
  • Transparent means of selecting pupils, communicated in a clear, prompt and kind way to pupils and their parents;

At Marlborough College Malaysia and beyond

  • The Pastoral Aims are based on the belief that if young people are met with kindness, support for them, interest in them, consistent and compassionate discipline, and a sense of being valued as unique individuals, then they will learn to accept themselves and others, and grow in self-worth;
  • From this, individuals will develop the confidence to explore and build a range of abilities, relationships and talents, as well as personal moral and ethical value systems, based on respect and compassion;
  • They will become equipped with the means to build happy and productive adult lives, able to form and sustain relationships with others, motivated to contribute and positively serve the communities in which they live, and mindful of their relation to the wider world;
  • They will aspire to be the best that they can be, in both their individual and collaborative endeavours, and show an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. They will be committed to ongoing self-improvement and lifelong learning;
  • They will be able to both lead and follow others, with self-discipline and respect, and without arrogance;
  • They will have a strong sense of personal responsibility and recognise the importance of integrity, honesty and courtesy, both in themselves and in others;
  • They will be helped to develop emotional maturity, resilience and independence, appropriate to their age;
  • They will appreciate the value of strong friendships, and have the social skills to both give and receive friendship;
  • They will be given opportunities to compete, both as individuals and as teams, and learn to do so fairly and honourably;
  • They will recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Through the experience of spending time in a place of acknowledged natural beauty, they will learn an appreciation of the natural environment, and develop a concern for its maintenance and care.

The College acknowledges the crucial role played by all staff in nourishing and supporting the personal, emotional and social growth of pupils.

The following elements are important:

  • Robust and clearly articulated systems for Child Protection and for pupil safety within the Marlborough College Malaysia environment;
  • The facility for the medical care of pupils in a modern and professional setting; an understanding of the importance of physical wellbeing, via positive health promotion throughout the school and broad opportunities for physical recreation;
  • A commitment to the nourishment of a spiritual dimension, and ongoing opportunities for the exploration of personal belief;
  • The acknowledgement of partnership with parents, taking tangible form through continuously maintained conversations and frequent, efficient communication via other means;
  • Extensive opportunities at every level of the school for the acknowledgement and celebration of achievement, whilst rooted in the core belief that quality of character is rated highest of all achievements;
  • Opportunities for pupil initiative and leadership - support, encouragement and guidance for independent enterprise;
  • An awareness that pupils will sometimes fail, both in their own endeavours and in living up to the standards set by the community. That the only real failure is a failure to learn from mistakes;
  • A celebration of diversity, in every aspect; opportunities to experience life beyond Marlborough College Malaysia;
  • A sense of valuing selfless service towards others;
  • Robust institutional systems for the protection of the vulnerable (viz. strong anti-bullying systems); an awareness of the needs of the vulnerable in our own and other societies;
  • Good manners and common courtesy;
  • The prioritisation of pupil welfare in strategic planning and in the routine management of the College.